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a project by 
Chris Reitz & Sam Flammang


In an all-new live show and performance, I am presenting ELEMENTAL, an audiovisual journey mirroring the scenic impressions gathered while travelling the wild natural landscapes of Iceland in 2022. 


ELEMENTAL conveys memories and experiences of a revery of the North, synching recordings and electronic music with visual fragments captured by Sam Flammang on the same trip. We both invite you to discover a combination of our artistic vision. A naturalistic and impressionistic exploration of nature alike. An immersive mixed arts performance dissolving the borders of electronic and organic music, light installations and video mappings, produced by Aalt Stadhaus in Differdange. 


I try to break down the complex emotions and experiences of a setting known for both its limitless, calm and wide open Nordic landscapes and its rough, loud and wild landscapes of waterfalls and rock formations.


About Sam

As a prologue to the live show, you are invited to discover an exhibition by Sam Flammang, featuring a set of photographs that tell the story of the collaboration, giving insight to the artistic journey. 

Discover more of Sam's work here.

Behind the scenes

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